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still-life, fashion, portraits, interiors

Still-life, fashion, portraits, interiors: emotional content.

“ The photographic image is a message without a code ”
(Roland Barthes)

From the time it was invented, photography has always been one of the most powerful global communication languages. Similarly to all forms of visual communication, photography uses a language that everyone can understand. Ads must be rapid, direct and unambiguously interpreted. Photographs certainly achieve this effect. The impression one receives by merely glancing at a photograph may require pages and pages of words to describe (which are often translated into different languages).
Professional photography is the ability to record emotions and then translate them into images, through mastery of the visual language, experience, tools and technology.

We offer photo shoots in our studio, outdoors or in your company. We are in direct contact with modeling agencies, make-up artists, hair-stylists, body painters and art buyers. If necessary, we also hire special equipment, premises and everything that may be required for a professional shoot. At the end of the process, we deliver the finished photos and post-production at any level of complexity. We combine conventional photography with the most modern photorealistic rendering techniques.

Writing with light: science and magic!

The advertising photographer’s eye.

It’s true that “beauty” can’t be measured with a gauge, but it’s equally true that standards of beauty and golden proportions had already been established for everything (from architecture to the human figure) by the ancient Greeks. The concept of “beauty” is continually evolving. Drawing from his personal visual memory, the advertising photographer constantly quests for aesthetic balance and, above all, for a result to suit a specific message that must be imparted.

A pen won’t make a poet, as a compass won’t make an architect.