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“ You never get a second chance to make a first impression ”
(Oscar Wilde)

Naming and logo are the first cells of brand identity. The first handshake, the first glance, the first indispensable building blocks of outward communication. Brand name and logo provide the first impression your target gets about your company.
Both subconsciously, emotionally and through its content, your corporate identity communicates your values, your philosophy, your approach to the market and, as a direct consequence, the type of customer potentially interested in your product.

We provide the creative expertise, experience, technical skills and technologies to build the image most suited to your business. We create a coordinated, effective, functional, long-lasting image designed to highlight your enterprise.
We design a logo that can adjust to the most varied current and future requirements. We translate the heart of your business, your mission, into a strong, unmistakable, powerful visual message able to stand up to the most tenacious competitors.

Brand identity: first naming then the mark!

A as for NAMING!

Finding the right name for a company, line or product is of paramount importance. When researching a brand name, we assess more than twenty variables that measure the effectiveness of the name chosen. Parameters like the length of the name, how easily it can be pronounced in foreign countries, the availability of domain names, etc., are only a few.  The name must be consistent with corporate philosophy and fit for the target market. A winning brand name is forever and helps your company in every aspect of communication.

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