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“Ducks lay eggs in silence  while hens cackle like madwomen.
The result? Everybody eats hens’ eggs.”
(Henry Ford)


With this amusing remark, Henry Ford sums up the entire “marketing and advertising manual”. 

The process and communication strategies able to assure the best chances of success range from the production of content (emotional or documentary photography, photorealistic rendering, videos, animation, sounds, etc) to its dissemination through the right media. “Cackling like madwomen” is not enough if you want to sell a product or service. A marketing mix is a chain of specialized links, all focused on launching and keeping a brand in the market. 

Advertising can’t make up for the absence of a valid product. Similarly, without a good advertising campaign, even the best product is likely to go unnoticed or worse still, be misunderstood. 

The process always starts with an analysis of the situation. 

Creativity, communication techniques and strategies, identification of target market and choice of the most suitable media are all needed before you take aim and make a hit!

Advertising: emotion, impact and believable!

Seen, understood, believed and bought.

Compared to the recent past, today’s consumer is more aware, well-informed and alert. Before he can be persuaded to buy, the potential purchaser must believe in the message proposed. Before the purchaser can believe the message, it must be understood. Before the message can be understood, it must be seen.

We develop advertising projects that provide the impact required to catch the attention of the potential purchaser. That’s how we get visibility. We create content that’s pleasant to look at and interesting to read. After a briefing, when we get to know everything about your product, we highlight the features that are more likely to encourage the consumer to buy.